Back from WorldCon 2016 and writing!

I’m back from WorldCon 2016, feeling inspired and getting words on the page on my new project (with some very specific goals for this year; more on that later).

The best part was seeing friends from the CSSF workshops at the University of Kansas, and making a few new friends (waves to Becky and Ronya).

One highlight was getting to see the panels Leigh is working on for her upcoming “Little Women reimagined as witches” project, which you can also see on her blog:

And now I’m eagerly awaiting some things that Barbara Webb and Lane Robins promised to send, possibly for titling assistance. (Barbara and Lane, I may be asking you to return the favor, since I’m waffling on the title for my current work in progress. But I don’t have to decide until I query it, right?) I’ll also be bugging K. Richardson to see what she’s been working on, too.