Crimson Pact volumes 3 and 4, and an awesome cover

I heard officially from Editor Paul Genesse that my third story, “Wild Card,” will appear in volume 4 of the Crimson Pact series, which will feature a story from my friend Leigh Dragoon, her first appearance in the CP. (Yay!)

I also got a sneak peek at volume 3 (offering to help proofread is a great way to do that), and there are some very fun stories in there as well, including a horror retelling of the Red Riding Hood fairy tale that I enjoyed quite a bit, “The Scarlet Cloak” by Karen Bovenmyer, and a story by Lucy Curtis, “Shen Lhamo’s Daughter,” set in ancient Tibet during the time when Buddhism was first making inroads and people hadn’t quite let go of their traditional beliefs yet–but no matter what you believe, the demons can still kill you if you aren’t careful!

Volume 3 also has a very cool cover:

The Crimson Pact Volume 3, edited by Paul Genesse

Watch the Crimson Pact site and Paul’s blog for news about both upcoming volumes; v.3 should be out in e-book format within a couple of weeks, and v.4 is slated for a May release.