strange horizons: dance with the one that brung ya

Update: as of October 3, the good folks at Strange Horizons have met their annual fundraising goal of $8,000 for the year. Yay!

I made my first professional short story sale a few years back to Strange Horizons, and it was a great experience. I sent the story (“Sex with Ghosts”) to them because it seemed a little edgy, a little odd, and it had some strong language in it–and I wanted to send it to a publication that seemed comfortable taking some risks. They accepted and I got to work with Jed Hartman, a gimlet-eyed editor who caught several errors and textual infelicities, asked some very helpful questions and generally made a story I was proud of even stronger. They publish lots of great stories, and offer a wide range of well-written speculative fiction.

Strange Horizons is a not-for-profit outfit, and just like your local public radio station, and other similar organizations, they run an annual fund drive. Unlike your local public radio station, they offer the opportunity to win fabulous spec-fic-related prizes if you donate. (I’m crossing my fingers for either the Steam-Powered or the Hellebore and Rue anthologies, myself.)

I’ve made my annual donation, and hope you’ll consider making one as well.